Class: NodeExportRTSTRUCT

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Converts and exports all connected structures into one Dicom RS (RT Structure Set) file.

Example workflows


Reference Image

The reference image to the RT structure set. The FrameOfReference tag, as well as PatientID, Name, BirthDate, Sex and Weight are taken from this reference image. Note that the referenced SOP Instance UIDs that are written to the exported RT Struct does not come from this reference, but are randomly generated.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single


The input structures to be exported.

Type: RTStruct, Required, Multiple


Label Text

The structure set DICOM label, tag (3006,0002).

Path Text

Sets the output directory to where the file is exported.

Note: This parameter will be overridden if you use this node for batch calculations.


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Keywords: rs, rtstruct, structure set, ROI