Class: NodeImageToMask

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Converts an image to a binary Mask using thresholding.



The input image.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single



The resulting mask. A binary mask with the same size as the input image.

Type: Image4DBool


Division Level Number

This value is used to divide the image into two bins.

Depending on what division type you select voxel values above and below this value will be converted into 1 or 0 in the resulting mask.

Division Type Selection

The type of criteria used to set the resulting mask voxel to 1.

Values: HigherOrEqual, Higher, LowerOrEqual, Lower, Equals

Use Otsu Thresholding Boolean

If TRUE, use the Otsu method of finding a threshold. Using this will ignore the division level value.

See also

Keywords: Threshold, Thresholding