Class: NodeTransformixProcessor

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Uses Transformix to transform the input image(s) according to the parameters supplied in the Transformix Parameters data type input. For more information about elastix and transformix, see the elastix manual.

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The transformix parameters to be applied.

Type: TransformixParameter, Required, Single

Image 1

The image to be transformed.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single


Out 1

The transformed image.

Type: Image4DFloat



Number of Moving Images Integer

Specifies the number of images to be transformed.

Use Initial Transform Boolean

Input an initial transform (Transformix Parameter data type) that is applied to the input image before the Transformix parameters are applied.

Use Resample Reference Boolean

Resample the output data to a different coordinate system than supplied in the Transformix Parameter file.


Per Frame Transform Boolean

If set the node will use one transformix per frame if available, by default only the first transformix frame will be used. If there is not enough transformix frames to match the moving data the last transformix will be used for the last frames.

Ignore Existing Initial Transform Boolean

Ignores the initial transform specified in the parameters file.

Custom Settings

Use Custom Settings Boolean

Select to apply custom settings to the transform.

Final B-Spline Interpolation Order Integer

Set the order of the b-spline interpolation of the image.


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