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Calculates an ADC map based on diffusion weighted images. At least 2 images are required and b-values are automatically extracted from the images. An optional mask can also be provided to limit the calculations to a region.

Two methods can be used in the calculation of the ADC map; a linear(fast) method and a nonlinear(slower) method.Typically both methods give good results but the linear method involves taking the logarithm of a signal before fitting parameters and will therefore not treat noise optimally. Consequently, for lower SNR data the nonlinear method is to be preferred.

Produces a ADC map in units [mm^2/s] and a signal map.


B-Value Series

Input images with differnt b-values.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single


Input mask.

Type: Image4DBool, Optional, Single



Resulting ADC map.

Type: Image4DFloat


Resulting signal map.

Type: Image4DFloat


Method Selection

Use a linear or a nonlinear fitting algorithm.

Values: Linear, NonLinear


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Keywords: ADC, MD, map, diffusion, mri